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Green cover and climate change research

Summary of research

Climate change is increasing temperatures across NSW. The impacts of this are often felt more strongly in our cities and built areas as these built surfaces absorb and retain more heat compared to most natural surfaces. Built surfaces also respond differently to other climate factors such as wind and rainfall. This research was published by the NSW Government and provides information about how green cover can be used to reduce the impacts of climate change in urban areas. This information can be used by decision makers, urban planners and designers to help effectively incorporate green cover into urban spaces to reduce the impacts of climate change, in particular, increased urban heat.

Reports and guides

Urban Green Cover in NSW Technical GuidelinesPractical guidance on how to use green cover to adapt to the impacts of urban heat.
Cover of the Urban Green Cover Technical Guidelines

download  Green Cover Demonstration Project: Liverpool city centre and Penrith (62.3MB) – published 2011, a study to demonstrate ways green cover can be used by NSW local governments to mitigate the impacts of urban heat.

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