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Climate change impacts on the NSW natural environment

Climate change impacts on the NSW natural environment

Climate change is having a large impact on our natural environment, which provides us with food, water, shelter, recreation and beauty. Many people in NSW rely on a healthy environment for their livelihoods.

Climate Change is also one of the largest threats to biodiversity. Many threatened species live in areas that will be severely affected by climate change. And climate change is happening too quickly for many species to adapt, including in NSW.

Our oceans, estuaries, coasts, rainforests, alpine areas, rivers and wetlands, and soils are also being affected by climate change.

Projections suggest that climate change will continue to negatively impact NSW’s natural environment. By better understanding the impacts of climate change, we can prepare and adapt for the future.

Research on climate change impacts based on NSW and Australian Regional Climate Modelling (NARCliM) projections is helping us to understand how our natural environments might change in the future.

The NSW Climate Change Policy Framework outlines our long-term objectives to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050, and to make NSW more resilient to a changing climate.