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Towards a Resilient Sydney (TARS)

Summary of research

The Towards a Resilient Sydney (TARS) project was conducted from 2013 to 2014 by the NSW Government. This research includes information about Sydney’s key climate risks and vulnerabilities, as well as possible responses and opportunities to build resilience and reduce climate change impacts. This information can be used by local governments and groups to better understand how climate change is likely to impact Sydney, and plan effective adaptation responses.

Technical reports

TARS Adaptation Review Paper (PDF 426KB) – published 2014, an overview of existing best-practice adaptation to climate change which is relevant to the Sydney Metropolitan Area.

TARS Socioeconomic profile (PDF 5.8MB) – published 2013, a snapshot of Sydney's socioeconomic profile, including economic and demographic trends and projections.

TARS Urban Adaptation Research Synthesis (PDF 361KB) – published 2014, a review of research on Sydney's urban adaptation to climate change impacts.

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