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NARCliM1.0 technical notes

Summary of research

The NSW and Australian Regional Climate Modelling (NARCliM) project provides climate projections specific to NSW regions. This research was published by the NSW Government and research partners from 2014 to 2015, and provides information about how NARCliM has been used to generate the first round of climate projections for NSW (known as NARCliM1.0 projections). NARCliM1.0 projections were used to inform the information on the AdaptNSW website and publications. The information in these reports can help researchers and analysts understand NSW’s likely future climate changes based on NARCliM1.0, and how these projections were generated. More recent NARCliM projections are currently being developed. 

Technical reports

download  Technical Note 4, NARCliM Climatological Atlas (53.2 PDF) – published 2014, an atlas of seasonal and annual means, mean biases, and projected future changes for temperature and precipitation for NSW and the ACT.

download  Technical Note 5, Heatwaves affecting NSW and the ACT: recent trends, future projections and associated impacts on human health (PDF 5MB) – published 2015, a study of past and future heatwave characteristics for NSW and the ACT.

download  Technical note 6, NARCliM Extreme Precipitation Indices Report (PDF 7.5MB) – published 2014, a report on extreme precipitation indices, their biases and projected future changes for NSW and the ACT.

download  Methodology for Generating Australia-wide Surfaces and Associated Grids for Monthly Mean Daily Maximum and Minimum Temperature, Rainfall, Pan Evaporation and Solar Radiation (PDF 864KB) – published 2015, a report on using the NARCliM project to develop Australia-wide, fine scale, elevation dependent, monthly mean climate surfaces for the period 1990–2009.

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