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Sea level rise and coastal erosion research

Summary of research

Climate change is increasing sea level rise and the associated risks of coastal erosion and inundation. This research was published by the NSW Government and research partners from 2008 to 2017. It provides information about how sea level rise may impact NSW coasts in the future, based on climate observations and projections, exposure and vulnerability characteristics specific to NSW, and examples of potential impacts based on previous king tide events. This information can be used by decision makers and planners to inform management and policies around coastal development and land use, and to help mitigate the impacts of sea level rise.

Sea Level Rise: Science and Synthesis for NSW

A review of research on sea level observations and projections relevant to NSW.
Cover of the Sea Level Rise Science and Synthesis

Coastal Erosion in New South Wales: Statewide Exposure Assessment (PDF 8.5MB) – published 2017, a statewide assessment of exposure to coastal erosion in NSW.

NSW Estuary Tidal Inundation Exposure Assessment (ZIP 9.2MB) – published 2018, an assessment of exposure to current development from inundation associated with sea level rise scenarios (full report and appendixes).

Fort Denison: Sea Level Rise Vulnerability Study (PDF 1.3MB) – published 2008, a study of the vulnerability of Fort Denison to projected sea level rise from climate change to 2100.

A Snapshot of Future Sea Levels King Tide (PDF 2.6MB) – published 2009, an insight into potential future sea levels based on photographs take around the peak of the king tide on 12 January 2009.

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