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Climate change impacts on our weather and oceans

Climate change impacts on our weather and oceans

Some of the most obvious impacts from climate change are being seen in our weather and oceans. 

In NSW, the most common changes to our weather we are seeing are: 

  • higher temperatures 
  • heatwaves that are hotter and last longer 
  • longer and more intense drought 
  • increased fire weather 
  • changes to rainfall and snow patterns 
  • changes to patterns of storms, which may also become more intense. 

Our oceans are also changing. Rising sea levels and ocean acidification are affecting our coasts and estuaries, which are some of our most populated and popular areas. 

Changes to our weather and oceans will affect our natural environment. They will also affect NSW communities and economy, particularly through changes to agriculture.  

The NSW Climate Change Policy Framework outlines our aims to make NSW more resilient to the impacts of changes to our weather and oceans.