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East coast lows research

Summary of research

East coast lows (ECLs) are intense low-pressure systems that occur off the east coast of Australia. They bring valuable rainfall to the east coast and tablelands. However, they can also bring damaging storms and cause coastal erosion and flooding. The Eastern Seaboard Climate Change Initiative (ESCCI) was a major research collaboration that conducted research on how ECLs impact NSW, and how they might be affected by climate change. ESCCI was led by the NSW Government in partnership with the Australian Bureau of Meteorology, the Sydney Institute of Marine Science, the University of NSW, the University of Newcastle and Macquarie University. This research can be used by emergency and natural resource managers to inform decisions and planning to mitigate the impacts of future ECLs.


East Coast Lows Research Program Synthesis A summary of the Eastern Seaboard Climate Change Initiative – East Coast Lows research program.
Cover of the Eastern Seaboard Climate Change Initiative research synthesis