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AdaptNSW newsletter

The AdaptNSW newsletter covers the latest research, events, publications, grants and news. The newsletter comes via email each month, and you can opt out at any time. Your details are not shared with any third parties. Previous newsletters can be downloaded below.


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Previous editions


download AdaptNSW Newsletter Edition 41 March 2024 PDF (458KB) - 2023 AdaptNSW Forum in Focus, Our future: youth perspectives, Local Government Survey, Discover our survey results

download AdaptNSW Newsletter Edition 42 May 2024 PDF (2.76MB) - Climate Action Week Sydney 2024, Announcing the AdaptNSW 2024 Forum, Get ready for NARCliM2.0, Recent AdaptNSW Events, Adaptation News, Adaptation Out There 


download AdaptNSW Newsletter Edition 33 May 2023 PDF (585KB) - 2022 AdaptNSW Forum recap, Recources for First Nations considering carbon on country, LGNSW Excellence in Environment Awards, latest stories, news and case studies, Climate Adaptation Conference 2023.

download AdaptNSW Newsletter Edition 34 June 2023 PDF (469KB) - proudly celebrating National Reconciliation Week, AdaptNSW acknowledges the cultural knowledge from Australian's First Nations. Through working with First Nations people in the Narran Lake system to communities coming together to promote Indigenous mindfulness. Story spotlight is a wonderful article on Learning from Loving Country.

downloadAdaptNSW_Newsletter_Edition_35_July_2023_PDF (1MB) - New NARCliM case studies, discover how trees play a crucial role in dealing with climate change, preparing children for a future climate change and the power of collaboration between artists, science and landholders in teaching climate adaptation.

downloadAdaptNSW_Newsletter_Edition_36_September_2023_PDF (1KB) - AdaptNSW 2023 Forum returns. Delivered over two days in December, the Forum will connect adaptation professionals, and those interested inadaptation, to share ideas and tackle challenges together.

downloadAdaptNSW_Newsletter_Edition_37_October_2023_PDF (765KB) - The official program for the AdaptNSW 2023 Forum is launched.

downloadAdaptNSW_Newsletter_Edition_38_November_2023_PDF (3KB) - Tickets are still selling for AdaptNSW 2023 Forum and we now have available great thought leadership articles from the AdaptNSW 2022 Forum. 

downloadAdaptNSW_Newsletter_Edition_39_November_2023_PDF (2KB) - With just over 1 week remaining for AdaptNSW 2023 Forum, this year's even has over 100 speakers across more than 30 sessions.

downloadAdaptNSW_Newsletter_Edition_40_November_2023_PDF (2KB) - Final opportunity to buy tickets for the AdaptNSW 2023 Forum.


download AdaptNSW Newsletter Edition 31 February 2022 (PDF 444KB) - AdaptNSW website launch, news and highlights; Heat risks and opportunities webinar resources; La Nina, climate change and soil erosion risks; New regional climate projections; World Wetlands Day.

download AdaptNSW Newsletter Edition 32 July 2022 PDF (639KB) - Release of the NSW Climate Change Adaptation Strategy; latest IPCC reports; Flooding and climate change; Resources and research library; latest stories, news and case studies; Register for the LGNSW climate change webinar series.


download AdaptNSW Newsletter Edition 28 March 2021 (PDF 216KB) - Hawkesbury Disaster and Emergency Dashboard; NSW Get Ready Community Awards; Net Zero Research and Innovation grants; latest regional climate projections stakeholder engagement; Climate Action Professional Officers Group.

download AdaptNSW Newsletter Edition 29 September 2021 (PDF 436KB ) - International climate news; national climate news; NSW councils news; events; conferences; grants.

download AdaptNSW Newsletter Edition 30 December 2021 (PDF) - AdaptNSW forum review; COP26 reflections; Regional climate models; Heat risks webinar; LGNSW Excellence in the Environment Awards winners; NSW Climate Change Adaptation Strategy; Protecting coasts from storms; Drive Electric NSW EV fleet incentive.


download AdaptNSW Newsletter Edition 25 April 2020 (PDF 276KB) - Website redevelopment; Net Zero Plan Stage 1: 2020–2030; record-breaking summer; bushfire recovery grants; developing koala revegetation plans; local government resilience; inner-west green cover.

download AdaptNSW Newsletter Edition 26 September 2020 (PDF 405KB) - AdaptNSW Forum; IRCC grants; webinar for councils; climate research update; collaborating to adapt our critical infrastructure; one million trees in Greater Sydney by 2022. 

download AdaptNSW Newsletter Edition 27 December 2020 (PDF 707KB) - AdaptNSW 2020 webinar series; climate resilience grants; new podcast series; cutting-edge research showcased; end of an ERA; Climate Risk Ready training course; working with Custodians on adaptation cultural values and Country.


download AdaptNSW Newsletter Edition 21 April 2019 (PDF 1.4MB) - NSW Government news; AdaptNSW Forum 2018 wrap-up; adaptation marketplace; global climate change negotiations COP24; Global Risks Report 2019; DPI climate change strategy; NSW Common Planning Assumptions work book updated; news from the NSW Adaptation Research Hub.

download AdaptNSW Newsletter Edition 22 June 2019 (PDF 2.3MB) - IRCC grants; Shoalhaven Illawarra and North Coast ERA reports; XDI Sydney; NSW Adaptation Research Hub evaluation; Bushfire Risk Management Research Hub 2019 annual conference; Excellence in the Environment Awards 2019; urban heat and green cover dataset; NSW MyCoast Study.

download AdaptNSW Newsletter Edition 23 October 2019 (PDF 591KB) - Biodiversity adaptation resources; climate-ready revegetation; dead tree detective; Weed Futures; NSW threatened species and communities; Women in conservation; upcoming events.

download AdaptNSW Newsletter Edition 24 December 2019 (PDF 708KB) - AdaptNSW Forum 2019 wrap-up; IRCC grants; climate change action for primary industries grant; Guide to Climate Change Risk Assessment for NSW Local Government; Climate Change Preparedness DET NSW resource; climate data information workshops wrap-up; Green Globe Awards winners.


download AdaptNSW Newsletter Edition 18 April 2018 (PDF 1.5MB) - OEH Climate Change Adaptation team; 7th National Communication on Climate Change; regions act on climate change; natural disaster statistics; cultural knowledge in adaptation science; CoastalSnap.

download AdaptNSW Newsletter Edition 19 July 2018 (PDF 2.1MB) - Biodiversity roadshows; AdaptNSW 2018 event; National Climate Adaptation conference; private sector approaches to risk and exposure; Learning 2 Adapt.

download AdaptNSW Newsletter Edition 20 November 2018 (PDF 1.8MB) - IPPC report; global climate extremes; Climate of the Nation; future climate leaders; new climate change guidance for community assets; Critical Infrastructure Resilience Strategy; North Coast ERA; adapting the marine estate; community resilience advances; news from the Nodes.


download AdaptNSW Newsletter Edition 14 April 2017 (PDF 3.1MB) - SoS future-proofing; BRCC round 3 recipients; Macquarie Marshes diversity; AFfCA survey results; climate-ready re-veg guide; future landscapes and species; AdaptNSW 2016 event review.

download AdaptNSW Newsletter Edition 15 June 2017 (PDF 1.3MB) - Climate refugia biodiversity; climate-ready revegetation workshop series; cool streets in Western Sydney; Market-led adaptation; AODP Global Climate 500 Index; 8 ways cities are building climate resilience.

download AdaptNSW Newsletter Edition 16 September 2017 (PDF 508KB) - AdaptNSW 2017 event; XDIU; ethical principles in relation to climate change; public–private partnerships.

download AdaptNSW Newsletter Edition 17 December 2017 (PDF 2MB) - AdaptNSW 2017 event highlights; Bio Node success; new Human Health and Social Impacts Research Node; Bio Node workshops; Coastal Management Erosion Guide; NSW Coastal Conference; BRCC case studies.


download AdaptNSW Newsletter Edition 10 January 2016 (PDF 406KB) - Towards a Resilient Sydney report; Paris 2015 Climate Change Talks; BRCC round 2 recipients; UTS Climate Adapted People Shelter design competition; beaches bounce back from 2015 east coast low.

download AdaptNSW Newsletter Edition 11 May 2016 (PDF 877KB) - Coastal Management Bill 2016; DPI’s FloodReady program; North Coast IRVA report; Western NSW ERA process; 2016 Resilient Australia Awards.

download AdaptNSW Newsletter Edition 12 August 2016 (PDF 514KB) - BRCC grants round 3; invitation to AdaptNSW 2016 event; CoastAdapt platform launch; Climate Adapted People Shelter competition winner; National Adaptation conference; NCCARF Climate Champions. 

download AdaptNSW Newsletter S Edition 13 November 2016 (PDF 410KB) - Special edition for NSW Climate Change Policy Framework release.


download AdaptNSW Newsletter Edition 4 Feb 2015 (PDF 347KB) - Using the AdaptNSW portal and projections; seminar on beach erosion and recovery; interview with Ian Turner.

download AdaptNSW Newsletter Edition 5 May 2015 (PDF 388KB) - Regional climate projection workshops; heat resilient community workshops; report on natural resources and extreme weather.

download AdaptNSW Newsletter Edition 6 June 2015 (PDF 517KB) - BRCC grants round 2; workshop on east coast lows; adaptive capacity guidebook; interview with Penrith City Council on heat strategy.

download AdaptNSW Newsletter Edition 7 Aug 2015 (PDF 455KB) - Invitation to AdaptNSW 2015; environmental educators webinar; interview with Albury City Council on adapted telecommunications; feedback from regional workshops.

download AdaptNSW Newsletter Edition 8 Oct 2015 (PDF 626KB) - Greening Western Sydney; coastal local adaptation planning; interview with Manly Council on their AdaptRoads program; seminar on insurance and climate change.

download AdaptNSW Newsletter Edition 9 Nov 2015 (PDF 729KB) - NSW climate impact research on heatwaves, urban heat, bushfires, rainfall, east coast lows, hydrology and soils; CSIRO-ISF mapping individual climate responses.


download AdaptNSW Newsletter Edition 1 Sept 2014 (PDF 320KB) - Weeds and climate change; social network analysis; adaptation seminars.

download AdaptNSW Newsletter Edition 2 Nov 2014 (PDF 471KB) - National Adaptation Conference; coastal adaptation tools; free seminar series.

download AdaptNSW Newsletter Edition 3 Dec 2014 (PDF 420KB) - Showcase event; BRCC grant round 1 recipients; social network analysis.