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Teacher resources on climate change in NSW

Teacher resources on climate change in NSW

Climate change education

Scientific knowledge on climate change, as well as how to reduce greenhouse emissions and adapt across all sectors of society, is key to the future of NSW. Students must have access to high-quality educational resources that allow them to understand the basics and impacts of climate change, and empower them to be part of creating a more climate-resilient future.

This page outlines how the AdaptNSW site can be used in the classroom and links to other relevant content material and NSW Government educational resources. It's important to note that while climate change has generally been taught through the subject areas of Science and Geography, this knowledge is becoming increasingly important for Business Studies and Economics. AdaptNSW provides the following information.

With over 100 pages of content, each with related information - it's important to take the time to explore the site and see what you can use for your teaching practice. 

NSW Syllabus Links

There is potential for climate change adaptation to be taught throughout the K – 6 primary curriculum; however, most of the content on AdaptNSW is better suited to High School students. The following provides some examples of High school subject areas where climate change and climate change adaptation can be taught.


In the NSW syllabus, climate change impacts and adaptation can be taught through most of Stage 4 – 6 Geography Curriculum. Specific examples include


Stage 4: Water in the World and Interconnections.

Stage 5: Sustainable Biomes and Environmental Change and Management.

Stage 6: Global Challenges (Year 11) and Ecosystems at Risk (Year 12).

Geography elective (Stage 4/5)

Physical Geography

Global Citizenship

Relevant AdaptNSW web pages

NSW Government action on climate change

Basics of climate change

Causes of climate change

Evidence of climate change

Impacts of climate change (with many other sub-pages such as bushfires, floods, etc)

Households and climate change 

Community groups and climate change

My region

Interactive climate projections map

Case studies and stories

Business Studies

Stage 6 Business Studies

Climate change can be incorporated into Risk – which can be taught at several stages in the Stage 6 Business Studies curriculum.

Relevant AdaptNSW web pages

Impacts of climate change on our economy

NSW large business and climate change

NSW business and climate change

Society and Culture

Stage 6 Society and Culture

Preliminary course - Climate change can be incorporated into The Social and Cultural World

Climate change can be incorporated into Social and Cultural Continuity and Change, along with the Personal Interest Project if a student's chosen topic aligns with climate adaptation.

Relevant AdaptNSW web pages

Community groups and climate change

Climate change effects on community groups

Impacts of climate change

Impacts of climate change on our economy

Households and climate change 

Impacts of climate change on agriculture

Case studies and stories

Cultural values

Health and wellbeing

Sustainability as a cross curriculum priority

The cross-curriculum priority of Sustainability also provides the opportunity for weaving teaching about climate change into other subject areas such as English and Maths.