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Climate change in my region

Climate change in my region

As NSW is large and varied, climate change will impact the regions of NSW differently. This is why we have been considering climate change adaptation region by region.

NARCliM – the NSW and Australian Regional Climate Modelling project – produces detailed climate change projections for NSW and ACT to help government, industry and community to plan for future climate. The data can be used in impacts and adaptation research, and by local decision makers.

Projections are available for NSW and ACT, and each region of NSW. Through the Regional Climate Change Snapshots or AdaptNSW interactive map you can see the projected changes for the near (2020–39) and far future (2060–79) for each region. You can also download these data and access other projections data from the NSW Climate Data Portal.

The most common climate projections used on this website are:

  • changes in temperature
  • number of hot days and cold nights
  • changes in rainfall
  • changes in fire weather.

The NSW Government is helping regions prepare for climate change through its Enabling Regional Adaptation work. The Enabling Regional Adaptation work uses a systems approach that considers the relationship among the climate, social, economic and environment. The process, completed in each region of NSW, included a series of stakeholder workshops, to ensure local knowledge is included in future planning.

Reports from the process provide for each region opportunities for action that people and organisations can take to prepare for a more resilient future.