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Climate change effect
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Climate change causes Communities Heat
Published on: 01 May 2023
This collaboration between NSW DPI and the Redmap project demonstrates how marine species are responding to climate change and shows how citizen scien...
North Coast Natural environment Communities Heat
Published on: 24 Jan 2023
When a eucalypt tree can live for hundreds of years, revegetation programs must look far into the future due to Australia’s rapidly changing climate. ...
North Coast Natural environment Local government Drought
Published on: 16 Dec 2022
The Dawkins Park windmill provides renewable energy, improves water quality and is a symbol for the environmental and educational precinct.
Hunter Built environment Local government Sea level rise
Published on: 16 Dec 2022
Lake Macquarie City Council is trialling tidal gates to protect low-lying assets from tidal inundation, storm surges and extreme weather events.
Murray/Murrumbidgee Natural environment Local government Heat
Published on: 16 Dec 2022
Wagga Wagga City Council captured high-resolution aerial imagery of vegetation and land surface temperatures for a series of projects to cool the city...
Murray/Murrumbidgee Agriculture Drought
Published on: 15 Dec 2022
Murray River Council and WMLIG are finding adaptation with projects that grow jobs and agricultural productivity, protect biodiversity and build socia...
Net zero and sustainability NSW/ Statewide Local government
Published on: 14 Dec 2022
The HunterJO has developed a guide (Climate Change IP&R Package) to provide a pathway for councils to embed climate action into their planning and...
South East and Tablelands Built environment Bushfires Communities
Published on: 14 Dec 2022
The CRJO and its partners created the Bushfire-Resilient Housing Toolkit to reframe bushfire risk to help prepare and build more resilient communities...
New England and North West Natural environment Communities Drought
Published on: 13 Dec 2022
After the worst drought on record, the Armidale Tree Group interviewed experts to learn the success formula for planting in a hotter, drier climate.