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NSW Government action on climate change

We are taking decisive and responsible action on climate change 

We have set a clear objective to halving our emissions by 2030 and achieving net zero emissions by 2050 under the NSW Climate Change Policy Framework.

To progress NSW towards achieving net zero, we have released the Net Zero Plan Stage 1: 2020 – 2030. The Plan outlines how we will reduce emissions by growing the economy, creating jobs and reducing household costs over the next decade. The Plan aims to enhance the prosperity and quality of life of the people of NSW while delivering a 47-52% cut in emissions by 2030 compared to 2005 levels. Find out more about the Net Zero Plan and how NSW is taking action on climate change.

We have also released the NSW Electricity Infrastructure Roadmap which sets out our 20-year plan to deliver the generation, storage, firming and transmission infrastructure we need to provide clean, cheap, and reliable NSW power into the future.

We are securing the State's economic prosperity for the decades to come by putting the State in a strong position to achieve net zero.

We are making NSW more resilient to climate change

Our climate has already changed, and more change is expected. This change is driven by past emissions and any further emissions before the world achieves net zero. This means we need to adapt now for climate change.

Adapting now and preparing for our new climate is essential. By adapting now, we can maximise opportunities, minimise harm and help secure the State's ongoing prosperity. NSW can benefit from the economic and employment opportunities adaptation offers. We will continue to take action in a way that delivers more jobs and more investment for NSW communities in the city and regionally.

To ensure we make the most of these opportunities we have committed to making NSW more resilient to climate change under the NSW Climate Change Policy Framework.

Climate change adaptation strategy

To achieve this goal, we will develop a NSW climate change adaptation strategy. This strategy will help put our communities, businesses and environment in the best position to maximise opportunities and minimise harm from climate change. It will provide a vision for a climate resilient NSW and a clear pathway to get there. It will give NSW families and communities confidence the challenges posed by climate change can be solved by improving – not eroding – their prosperity. It will also send a clear message to local and international investors that NSW is a great place to invest for the future.

Leadership on climate change

We have also committed to transparent and accountable leadership on climate change. That is why we announced a plan to publish statements on climate change impacts, risks and adaptation for NSW every two years. These statements will identify and address the impacts, risks and opportunities for the NSW Government and the State as a whole. They will be consistent with the international Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) recommendations and other relevant international guidance or standards and will be peer reviewed by an appropriately qualified person, such as an auditor.

Government will also pilot entity-specific TCFD statements for the National Parks and Wildlife Service, Environment Protection Authority and Essential Energy. We will lead by example and show other organisations how they can align with leading international practice on transparent and accountable climate change risk management.

Find out more about the strategy and statements in the Net Zero Plan Stage 1: 2020-30 Implementation Update.

NSW Government action on adaptation

Through the Climate Change Fund, the NSW Government has already committed over $900 million in funding between 2017 and 2022 to help households, businesses, councils and other Government agencies adapt become more resilient to climate change.

For example, we are updating our world-class NSW and Australian Regional Climate Modelling (NARCliM) project to deliver climate projections out to 2100 and provide detailed maps and reports of natural hazards. NARCliM provides high resolution climate change projections at a scale that can be used for local decision making.

We have also launched the Climate Risk Ready NSW program in partnership with NSW Treasury and a pilot of a climate risk management training course with staff from ten government agencies. The pilot aims to help agencies manage climate risk for over $380 billion of government physical assets.

We have also completed the 10-year Enabling Regional Adaptation program, which engaged over 1700 regional decision-makers and stakeholders to assess climate change vulnerability across all NSW regions and develop plans to adapt.

We have also completed the award-winning XDI (Cross-Dependency Initiative) Sydney pilot project. This project worked with asset owners and operators in the Sydney region to identify climate risks and adaptation solutions for critical infrastructure.

We have also invested $3.5 million to support the local government's response to identified climate risks and vulnerabilities through the Increasing Resilience to Climate Change local government grant scheme.

Examples of other Climate Change Fund resilience programs include: