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NSW Climate Change Adaptation Strategy

NSW is already experiencing the impacts of climate change. Most recently these have included the unprecedented cycle of heatwaves, droughts, bushfires, storms and floods. We need to adapt now to protect the things we value most.

Adapting now and preparing for our new climate is essential. By adapting now, we can maximise opportunities, minimise harm and help secure the state's ongoing prosperity.

The NSW Climate Change Adaptation Strategy sets out an ambitious approach to climate change adaptation. The strategy provides a framework that will strengthen and expand action to adapt to climate change now and over the long term. It builds on the comprehensive suite of climate change policies already in place, such as the Net Zero Plan Stage 1: 2020-2030.

The strategy sets out key decision-making principles and objectives for adaptation, key priorities and a suite of actions, these include:

  • Develop robust and trusted metrics and information on climate change risk
  • Complete climate change risk and opportunity assessments
  • Develop and deliver adaptation actions plans
  • Embed climate change adaptation in NSW Government decision-making.

The strategy commits to release the first state-wide climate change risk and opportunity assessment and adaptation action plan in 2023. Implementation of this strategy will align with the State Resilience Strategy under development.

NSW Climate Change Adaptation Strategy

Cover of the NSW climate change adaptation strategy