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Climate change effect
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New England and North West Natural environment Communities Drought
Published on: 13 Dec 2022
After the worst drought on record, the Armidale Tree Group interviewed experts to learn the success formula for planting in a hotter, drier climate.
North Coast Natural environment Bushfires
Published on: 05 Sep 2022
Brunswick Valley Landcare have developed a climate resilient landscapes guide to give the Northern Rivers tools to adapt to the impact of climate chan...
South East and Tablelands Communities Drought Agriculture
Published on: 31 Aug 2022
Bowning and Bookham Districts Landcare spent two years building strong networks so the community is ready for local climate changes including drought....
North Coast Communities Climate change causes
Published on: 11 Aug 2022
Find out how the Port Macquarie Hastings Sustainability Network are building adaptive capacity to climate change through sharing, learning and practic...
North Coast Health and wellbeing Communities Heat
Published on: 25 Jul 2022
The role of theatre as a storyteller can be an outlet for eco-anxiety. A clever collaboration in northern NSW presents a new approach to climate resil...
Illawarra Natural environment Households Storms
Published on: 30 Jun 2022
Knowing what to do in a fire, storm or flood can save lives. Learn how emerging communities in the Illawarra are now better prepared for a natural eme...
South East and Tablelands Agriculture Communities Drought
Published on: 30 Jun 2022
Learn how Moodji Farm brings intergenerational collaboration to address climate change, support Indigenous heritage and build social resilience in Ber...
Central West and Orana Health and wellbeing Drought Communities
Published on: 23 Jun 2022
Find out how the Dharriwaa Elders Group has been working to develop community-led solutions to climate issues faced in Walgett.
Illawarra Natural environment Bushfires
Published on: 22 Jun 2022
By reducing the potential for out-of-control fires, cultural burning can prevent danger to people, land, native wildlife and property.