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Welcome to AdaptNSW

Welcome to AdaptNSW

Our Mission

To help NSW households, businesses and government to understand and adapt to climate change impacts.
cool climate burn being conducted by National parks staff and traditional owners

How you can adapt

NSW Climate Change Adaptation Strategy

The NSW Climate Change Adaptation Strategy provides a framework that will strengthen and expand action to adapt to climate change now and over the long term.

Aerials overlooking Murrumbidgee River and rural Gundagai

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AdaptNSW 2023 Forum

The AdaptNSW Forum is back at UTS Aerial, Sydney, December 4-5. 

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Purpose Conference 2023

AdaptNSW is at Purpose Conference. From November 8-9.

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Stories and Case Studies
10 Oct 2023

The importance of the land to wellbeing cannot be understated, which is why strategies to combat and manage the impacts of climate change are crucial.  Aboriginal people have been using generational knowledge of land and sea management in response to changing climates over thousands of years.

Artwork is an abstract visual map of the Australian cultural landscape past, present, and future. Caring for Country by Maddison Gibbs

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