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Community grants for climate change adaptation

NSW Increasing Resilience to Climate Change grants

Through the Increasing Resilience to Climate Change (IRCC) grants for community groups, the NSW Government provides grants to support community-led adaptation projects. These grants support projects that assist communities in taking action to adapt to climate change, which include planning, preparing for and responding to extreme climate events. The grants encourage community participation and deliver social, environmental and economic outcomes.

Case study examples from these grants can be found on our Stories and case studies library. Some of the best ideas start at the community group level and are then picked up by other funding bodies and rolled out at larger scales.  

Writing and applying for a grant

As a community group, you may wish to consider applying for a government grant to help fund your project. To give your application the best chance of success, your group will need to understand the grant program, consider your eligibility, and ensure the application is well-considered. When writing a grant application, use this guide to ensure your application is well-structured.

Th Australian Government's community grants hub provides information on what makes a good grant application. You can also check out information from the NSW government Office of Sport.

NSW Government Enabling Regional Adaptation work

The Enabling Regional Adaptation work  has been done for each region of NSW using a series of stakeholder workshops. It uses a systems approach that considers the relationship between the climate, community, economy and environment to help regions prepare and plan for climate change. 

For project ideas and suggestions on a range of different topic areas such as tourism, biodiversity and emergency services, see the Opportunities for Action on each of the regional pages. The information you’ll find on these pages is a great starting point for forming a community group or project ideas for an established organisation.